A HUAT New Year at Marine Life Park with its 500,000th visitor

MLP 500k visitor_1We could all do with a little good fortune on the first day of the Lunar New Year. For Mr Thomas Tham and his extended family from Kuala Lumpur, it happened right here at the Marine Life Park.

MLP 500k visitor_3Less than three months since the world’s largest oceanarium opened on 22 November last year, it welcomed Thomas as its 500,000th visitor on the auspicious first day of the Year of the Water Snake. And this was shortly after it saw its first wedding proposal in front of the world’s largest viewing panel.

MLP 500k visitor_2Together with staff from the Marine Life Park, members of the public were all hyped up with cheers as Thomas entered the S.E.A. Aquarium. And like all things prosperous during the festivities, Thomas received a lucky prize worth more than $688, including a meal at the resort’s latest celebrity chef restaurant – Ocean Restaurant, a memorabilia hamper, and tickets to Adventure Cove Waterpark to complete the Marine Life Park experience. They were also given a complimentary guided tour of the world’s largest aquarium, and came up close with 100,000 marine animals of more than 800 species.

MLP 500k visitor_4Catch the action here:

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