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Welcome to the Marine Life Park blog! Here, learning meets fun as you explore the many wonders the fascinating marine world has in store. There is something for everyone:


Parents can visit the Activities Corner for resources and materials tailored to enrich your child’s knowledge on marine life. Also, look out for fun contests where you stand a chance to win attractive prizes!


Looking at how you can make learning fun? Educators can visit the Activities Corner, as well as take a look at how the Marine Life Park makes Caring About Marine Life engaging with its Education and Conservation efforts.


Discover the aquatic world outside your textbooks with Our Animal Ambassadors. A trove of interesting trivia awaits eager explorers. Learn more about Marine Life Park’s Education and Conservation efforts with Caring About Marine Life, where you’ll understand every effort, no matter how small, counts!


Interested in learning more about Marine Life Park’s two separate ticketed attractions, the S.E.A. Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark? Head over to Highlights, where we provide you with exclusive content on the thrills and spills in the park!

Every week, we will upload the latest happenings at the Marine Life Park – a cool video, a stunning photo, an interesting feature, a fun fact or just simply news. We’d also love to have your participation and contributions. So contact us, and come join us on our adventure at the Marine Life Park blog.

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