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Meet The Team

The people behind RWScoop are a group of inquisitive and nosy bunch. We poke our noses around different aspects of the resort,  bringing you the latest happenings. We welcome your views too. If you have a blog idea and wish to be a guest blogger at RWScoop, just drop us an email at pingus@rwsentosablog.com.

Meanwhile, meet the team:

Jim S There’s nothing more I like doing than spending my days running, inline skating, gaming, reading and writing. And since I haven’t found a way to do all that at once yet – I’m still figuring out how to run and skate at the same time – I’ll be doing my best, one thing at a time.
JaneJane Koh There’s something seductive about a fresh slice of fish lying salaciously on a ball of vinegar-ed rice. Yes, I love sushi and I dream of owning a sushi bar. Till then, I’ll be dreaming.

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