Clown Triggerfish – Balistoides conspicillum

You see one eye, you don’t see the other!

“Colours tell a thousand words”

You can spot this fish from afar. One of the most  intricately patterned fish, clown triggerfish have unique colourations of various patterns over their bodies. White spots can been seen on the darker-coloured lower part of their bodies, while black spots are present on the yellow upper parts.

“Beware that mouth”

The clown triggerfish’s bright yellow mouths help to deter predators. Younger fish are rarely seen because they often take refuge  in caves and cracks at depths of 25 metres and below.

Trivia Time: How are clown triggerfish’s eyes different from ours?

Clown triggerfish have eyes that work independently to scan for prey or threats. We just can’t imagine ourselves looking to the left with one eye and to the right with the other!

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