Powderblue Surgeonfish – Acanthurus leucosternon

Powderblue Surgeonfish

“What’s in a name?”

Bingo – the fish’s name is derived from is powderblue body, complimented with yellow dorsal fins and a black face outlined with white colouration. Like another other surgeonfish, they have laterally compressed bodies covered with very small scales, giving their skins a leathery appearance.

“Anger management classes, anyone?”

Powderblue surgeonfish is a highly territorial fish, and they ward off potential enemies and threats by erecting their fins. They also tend to be very aggressive towards their own species.

Trivia Time: Do these surgeonfish use scalpels to operate on their patients?

Surgeonfish get their names from the scalpel-like projection located on both sides of their tail – not because they are surgeons or doctors underwater!

This fish can be seen at S.E.A. Aquarium’s Coral Garden. Spotted any other interesting marine animals at Marine Life Park? Share your pictures with us on Instagram!

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