Archerfish – Toxotes jaculatrix

Wetlands archerfish
I’m a sharp shooter.

“Serve me live food please”

Call the archerfish health freaks who like their food nutrient-filled – they prefer eating live land insects and small animals. They do this by literally shooting them down with water droplets shot from their mouth. Archerfish have a flattened, silver body, with black markings, and grow up to 15 cm.

“No one is born perfect”

Just like how some believe that geniuses aren’t born, archerfish aren’t born with extreme shooting accuracy. Young archerfish learn from experience before they hit marksmanship status. They form a small school with other young fish and practise shooting.

[wpspoiler name=”Trivia Time: Which goes further? Your jump or an archerfish’s squirt?” ]An archerfish’s squirt of water can be up to five metres, but only accurate up to two metres. The average distance a human being can jump is two metres![/wpspoiler]

The archerfish can be found in the wetlands and also S.E.A. Aquarium’s Mangrove Habitat. Managed to capture the sharp shooter darting down its prey? Share your pictures with us on Instagram!

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