S.E.A. Aquarium and The Maritime Experiential Musuem inspired future public speakers at Babble & Speak 2018

S.E.A. Aquarium and The Maritime Experiential Musuem were the official sponsors of Babble & Speak 2018. Organised by Nanyang Girls’ High School, Babble & Speak is an annual national speech competition that aims to promote the use of good English. The competition is open to students aged 10 – 12 and currently enrolled in primary schools in Singapore. Since its inception in 2016, Babble & Speak has steadily gained popularity, attracting participants from around 45 primary schools annually, with about 350 students and teachers attending the finals each year.

To participate, each student had to submit a one to two-minute video recording of themselves delivering a speech that begins with “A day in the life of… (a person or an animal or an object)”. The students were judged based on their delivery, content and X Factor.

This year, the theme was Under the Sea.

Inspirational tours and workshops

On 26 June, participants were taken on a guided tour through The Maritime Experiential Museum to provide them with inspiration for their speeches. This was followed by a series of workshops where participants picked up important skills and pointers such as vocal warm-up, how to think on their feet, ways to create a persuasive script, and tips on delivering an engaging speech.

An additional workshop was conducted for Primary 3 students who have been identified by their teachers as potential future contestants to develop skills crucial for competing.

An exciting finals

The finals were held on 6 July at Nanyang Girls’ High School Siew May Auditorium. Speak Good English Movement officers and representatives from MOE and NHB were invited to witness the event.

Just outside the auditorium, S.E.A. Aquarium’s Education Team set up a booth to engage students on marine life and conservation through topics such as sharks, corals and plastic pollution. They also gave away maritime craft sheets, which students can use to build their own Chinese Junk.

Babble & Speak 2018
The Education Team setting up their booth with props, shark jaw replicas, games and informational posters.

Babble & Speak 2018

Babble & Speak 2018
Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018

The finals comprised two segments – an Individual Category and a Team Challenge Category. For the Individual Category, all finalists were required to deliver a two to three-minute speech on one of these three topics:

  1. A journey with…
  2. Treasures
  3. If oceans could speak, it would say…

Participants were given 90 minutes to prepare their speeches and were judged based on their delivery, content and language use.

Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018

For the Team Challenge Category, finalists were grouped into teams of three on the spot. Each team was required to create a story based on the prompt they picked from a bag, all of which were related to an item found along the Maritime Silk Route (e.g. Silk). Each team member then had to speak for 30 seconds to a minute, and the team’s story must not exceed three minutes.

The teams were given 30 minutes to prepare their story before being judged based on their delivery, content creativity and language use. Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018
Gavin Lee, Senior Manager of Education at S.E.A. Aquarium, presenting the Gold Award (Individual) to Caleb Chua of Temasek Primary School. Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018
Themis Lai of Nanyang Primary School won both Silver Award and Audience Choice Award in the Individual Category. Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018

Here are the full list of winners. Congratulations to all finalists!

A lovely group photo with all the participants to end off the competition. Image credit: Babble & Speak 2018
Gavin Lee with the principal of Nanyang Girls’ High School Mdm Ng Chuen-Yin (second from left), and fellow judges.

To pique students’ interest in the marine environment, S.E.A. Aquarium and The Maritime Experiential Museum are open to collaborative projects with schools. To indicate your interest, please write in to education@RWSentosa.com.

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