Babies of the S.E.A. – Black Blotched Fantail Ray


Planning a trip to the S.E.A. Aquarium? Do keep your eyes peeled for the baby black blotched fantail ray – the latest member to our marine sanctuary.

Born on 28 Aug 13, the five rays at the aquarium might still be babies, but they are hard to miss; the smallest is already 30cm long, about the length of your forearm. As they mature, they can grow up to 180cm in width and 330cm in length – as big as two twin-sized beds.

Part of the sting ray species, the black blotched fantail ray can be easily identified by its disc-shaped body, with black blotches splattered across a grey upper body surface and extended narrow tail.

You can spot large spiracles just behind their eyes, which rays use to hunt for food. They suck in water through these holes, which they use to blow out through their mouths, for dislodging molluscs and crabs from the seabed.

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