Beginner’s guide to aquarium photography: 4 tips from National Geographic

If you enjoy taking pictures of marine animals in aquariums, you may have encountered problems such as blurred or overexposed images. But getting a fancy camera doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. With the right techniques, it’s pretty easy to take great looking shots using just a mobile phone.

Here are 4 basic tips from National Geographic to help you capture Insta-worthy shots of marine animals in aquariums.

1. Know your fish

Getting good shots of fish is all about being in the right place at the right time. So, take the time to observe the fish you want to shoot before you start photographing.

Clownfish (Clownfish and Sea Anemone habitat)

For example, watching for their swimming patterns and favourite hiding spots will enable you to predict their movements and capture the right shot at the right moment.

2. Shoot straight

When taking pictures through the glass of the aquarium, be sure your camera’s lens is straight. Photographing at an angle means more light will have to travel through more glass, which may result in distorted looking images.

Pufferfish (Singapore Reef habitat)

3. Shoot sharp

Photographing through water makes things look blurry. So get as close as possible to your subjects to get sharp images.

Pacific Sea Nettle (Sea Jellies habitat)

4. Avoid the flash

Avoid using flash as light bounces off the glass of the habitat back into your camera. Instead, rely on the lighting coming from inside the habitat or just above it.

octopus have blue blood
Giant Pacific Octopus (Giant Pacific Octopus habitat)

Join our Marine Photography Adventure and stand to win prizes

Now that you know the secrets to getting the perfect shot, go on a Marine Photography Adventure at S.E.A. Aquarium to win great prizes. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Take pictures of animals featured on the 7 photo points around the aquarium, such as this one at Shark Seas Habitat featuring the Hammerhead Shark.

The other 6 photo points and their corresponding feature animals are:

  • Pufferfish (Singapore Reef habitat)
  • Bat Ray (Rocky Shores habitat)
  • Pacific Sea Nettle (Sea Jellies habitat)
  • Giant Pacific Octopus (Giant Pacific Octopus habitat)
  • Clownfish (Clownfish and Sea Anemone habitat)
  • Sea Star (Seagrass habitat)

Step 2

Select your best pictures and upload them to Instagram.

  • Tag us @rwsentosa
  • Hastag #rwsoceanwonders
  • Set your profile to public

Three prizes to be won each month

1 Grand Prize – 1 pair of Adult S.E.A. Aquarium Attractions Annual Passes worth S$176
2 regular prizes – 1 pair of S.E.A. Aquarium One-Day Tickets worth S$78

Winners will be selected by National Geographic.

Marine Photography Adventure is part of National Geographic’s Ocean Wonders. Click here for details.

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