Care for marine animals at the Marine Life Park

The Marine Life Park (MLP) in Singapore will soon be home to 100,000 marine animals in the largest oceanarium in the world. Their well-being, health and welfare are in our hands. It is a huge responsibility, and one that we take very seriously. It is a responsibility that not only comes with the job, but from a deep and personal conviction that all species of animals must be treated with utmost respect and dignity.

The import of all CITES protected wildlife into Singapore has to comply with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and standard international regulations.  Bringing our dolphins into the Marine Life Park is no exception.

In the lead up to the opening of Marine Life Park, we are sparing no effort and time to ensure our thousands of marine animals get the best care they could possibly get.  We are also putting the finishing touches to our exciting marine conservation, education and research programmes.  There is much to be done to ensure the Marine Life Park will make Singapore proud.  We have already spent considerable time educating Acres on facts about our facility, animal care and intent, and we want to move on to the matters at hand.  We urge Acres to focus on areas where it can constructively contribute to marine conservation, rather than engage in online antics to encourage netizens to harass or heckle us and our Facebook fans.

Resorts World Sentosa has and will continue to exercise utmost care for all the marine animals that will be housed at the Marine Life Park.  In no way will this be compromised.  The Marine Life Park team of experts and marine specialists are animal lovers themselves.  They collectively represent over 300 years of experience working in more than 60 reputable zoological facilities globally.  Such reassurances have been repeatedly communicated to Acres on numerous occasions.

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