[CHALLENGE RESULTS] Bluub Colouring Contest

Last month, Bluub invited kids aged five to 12 to paint his home. Ten shortlisted entries were put up for online voting, and below are the five artworks with the most number of votes. We also checked in with Bluub to ask what he thinks of these entries.

Bluub_Chua Wen Kee

Bluub: “Chua Wen Kee’s artwork has a psychedelic feel to it. I’m particularly intrigued by the horseshoe crab and the green pufferfish that looks like a durian. Hmm, I ought to visit my favourite fruit stall soon!”

Bluub_Clara Lim

Bluub: “Clara Lim has chosen a very nice shade of blue to paint the skies. And yes, it is indeed a beautiful sunny day, especially after making new friends with Marine Explorers at the Marine Life Park Ocean Sleepover!”

Bluub_Emily YeoBluub: “It is heartwarming to know that there are folks like Emily Yeo who reuse, reduce and recycle. Small gestures like volunteering in beach cleanups go a long way in protecting Mother Earth!”

Bluub_Janaranjani Gnanaprakash

Bluub: “The rainbow in Janaranjani Gnanaprakash’s artwork brings a smile to my face. There’s nothing I love more than seeing people live and play in a clean environment. Maybe I should approach them to become Marine Youth Ambassadors!”

Bluub_Mandy KawBluub: “I have made many new friends in the world’s largest aquarium, and this is reflected in Mandy Kaw’s entry. If you love these marine animals as much as I do, remember to do your part to conserve the oceans!”

Each of the above five entries has won a pair of tickets to Marine Life Park’s S.E.A. Aquarium, and will be on display at the aquarium’s Conservation Corner. Voters of these five entries have also been randomly selected to receive a pair of passes.

Took a picture at the aquarium? Tag your photo with #marinelifepark, and you may also win a prize on our Instagram challenge. Also, follow us on Instagram (@rwsentosa) for the latest pictorial updates around the resort!

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