[Challenge Results] – Our Instagram Picks: August

Another month, another dizzying round of photos for us.

This month, we received tonnes of Instagram pictures tagged with the hashtag #marinelifepark from our guests. It’s not easy but after days of deliberation, we finally have the top five pictures (in no particular order) for August.

The latest habitat in the S.E.A. Aquarium, the sea dragons attracted many shutterbugs such as @marine_guide.
The sea dragons attracted many shutterbugs such as @marine_guide.

The sea dragon habitat, which is the latest addition to the S.E.A. Aquarium family, is a firm favourite. One of them, @marine_guide, managed to shoot three quaint sea dragons together, as if they were going shopping for their new home.

Dancer in the dark.
Dancer in the dark.

Everyone loves pictures of our sea jellies and we particularly love this stunning shot by @adelindsay. Easily one of our favourite shots of the year.

Sir, yes, sir!
Sir, yes, sir!

It’s funny how these three lionfish assembled like a typical army platoon. Maybe they were giving a silent salute to @marcuswehc, who took this picture.

Glowing star.
Glowing spaceship.

Captured by @wwinny, this glowing sea jelly looked like a spaceship among a sea of stars.

Mysterious octopus.
Mysterious octopus.

Dark and brooding, this picture of the giant pacific octopus taken by @ongzhihao showed the mollusc in a different light.

This month’s entries are pretty awesome. Think you can beat them? Remember to tag your photos to #marinelifepark.  Do remember to follow us on Instagram (@rwsentosa) for the latest pictorial updates around the resort.

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