[CHALLENGE RESULTS] Our Instagram Picks: March

What did you think of the Instagram picks for February? March was an especially busy month at the Marine Life Park because of the school holidays, but we still found time to surf the Internet for Instagram pictures tagged with #marinelifepark. Each Instagram user below receives an exclusive Marine Life Park lanyard and notebook.

Wet, wet fun

kitcat1410You can almost feel water splashing onto you with kitcat1410’s photo of the Adventure Cove Waterpark. With endless thrills and spills at Asia’s most amazing waterpark, you can bet this is the best place to beat that scorching heat.

What lurks above

pikashiuThe scalloped hammerhead shark may not be as menacing as the great white in Jaws, but pikashiu’s photo of the marine animal with the signature flattened T-shaped head still manages to send a strange sense of awe down our spines. Did you know they consume smaller sharks like the Atlantic sharpnose shark and the blacktip reef shark?

Heads up

istiwulansariA child’s eyes see the most fascinating things. With her small hands pressed against the panel, this young kid in istiwulansari’s photo must be amazed by the Shipwreck Habitat and its awesomeness. The marine life swimming in the waters may just be as intrigued with her captivated look.

Big, bold and beautiful

krystynnsgEveryone loves a huge close-up. In krystynnsg’s photo, we can feel how this marine animal is posing pretty for the lens. Just remember – refrain from using flash photography in the S.E.A. Aquarium because it may cause discomfort to some of the animals!

Kiss me

frozenmatchaAfter Marine Life Park hosted its first wedding proposal, we can feel an abundance of love. Here, frozenmatcha captures the couple’s bliss and happiness. Wonderful this thing called love is, don’t you agree?

Remember to tag your pictures with #marinelifepark at the world’s largest oceanarium, and they may just be showcased in this monthly feature! Also, follow us on Instagram (@rwsentosa) for the latest pictorial updates around the resort!

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