Experience Christmas in a new light at S.E.A. Aquarium’s Glowing Ocean

Do you know that many marine organisms have the ability to produce light in their body to lure prey, confuse predators or even attract mates?

This year-end school holiday, join us at Glowing Ocean as we take you on a mesmerising journey into the ocean depths to learn about luminescent marine life through science, art and whimsical fun.

Five multisensory zones

1. The Glow Room
glowing ocean glow room
SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean
Enter a world of glowing animals and find out why some marine animals glow. You can even pen a ‘secret’ glow-in-the-dark message using special glow pens!

Location: After Shark Seas Habitat

2. Crazy Colourful Corals

SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean
You’ve seen corals. But glowing corals? Let us shed some light on the science and beauty of bioluminescent corals in this dazzling, immersive display, complete with a wall of soft, colourful ‘corals’ illuminated by radiant lights.

Location: Night Reef Habitat

3. Imaginarium
Glowing Ocean Imaginarium
What is it like to live underwater and have luminescent creatures as neighbours? Let your imagination run wild and #DoItForTheGram as you explore this gorgeous, imaginative space filled with light art installations and plenty of Insta-envy spots. Check out these tips on how to up your Instagram game at Glowing Ocean

Tip: clap your hands when you’re at the above installation and see what happens!

SEA Aquarium Glowing Ocean
Location: Opposite Sea Dragon Habitat

4. Joyous Jiggly Jellies
Glowing Ocean glowing sea jellies
S.E.A. Aquarium sea jellies habitat
They have no brains yet they can communicate using light? Step into the wondrous world of sea jellies (or some call jellyfish) at the newly refurbished sea jellies habitat and learn all about these fascinating and ethereal species.

Location: Sea Jellies Habitat

5. The Abyssal Zone

In the darkest depths of the ocean, life takes on an unexpected form. Dive 200 metres into the abyss and discover the bizarre deep sea fish living in pitch black darkness, brought to life via hologram technology!

Location: After Sea Grass Habitat

Scuba Santa

Santa won’t just be going down chimneys but also down into the Open Ocean Habitat where he’ll be feeding our marine residents and taking pictures with you from behind the viewing panel. Be sure to catch him in action!

Location: Open Ocean Habitat
Time: 4pm daily (1 Dec – 6 Jan only)

Meet & Greet with Mai & Sam

Get your camera ready for our uber friendly mascots Mai the manta ray and Sam the shark who will be making special appearances for wefies and hugs.

Location: Ocean Dome
Time: 12.30pm, 2.30pm daily

Gifts from Guardians Of The S.E.A.A

From 1 December, receive a special Christmas gift when you take the pledge to protect the oceans as a Guardian of the S.E.A.A!

Location: Guardians of the S.E.A.A. booth beside the Touchpool

Singapore Resident Online Exclusive
1 Nov 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

S.E.A. Aquarium + Maritime Experiential Museum

adult one-day ticket bundle

@ S$30 (U.P. S$45)

Min purchase of 2 bundles

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