Discover Singapore’s marine life

Herein lies the activities to complete the quest.

Some fish search for food among the coral cracks. Others, like the parrotfish scrape algae off coral reefs before consuming them as food.

“Cracking this isn’t that difficult.”

These are some of the facts shared at the Marine Life Park’s Marine Biodiversity Week, where kids go on a quest to discover little known nuggets of information about Singapore’s marine life.

Fishing for success.

Hosted at S.E.A. Aquarium, ‘Splash on the Wild Side of Singapore’ – an initiative by a youth-led conservation group Youths for the Wild – saw participants scurrying around with their colourful activity booklets as they took on five missions that included solving jigsaw puzzles and ‘fishing’ for marine pollutants.

Ron Yeo
“And today we will be learning about…”

For those with a  more academic inclination, conservationist Ron Yeo presented his hour-long talk ‘Crouching Flora, Hidden Fauna’ at the Ocean Dome on 17 March. It tells the story of Singapore’s little known marine organisms and what we can do to preserve our marine life.

Fine art.

Marine Biodiversity Week runs until 24 March 2013. Drop by the S.E.A. Aquarium to find out what’s hidden along our coastlines and below our seas. We promise it’s not just about chilli crabs. More updates about the first-ever Marine Biodiversity Week coming soon.

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