Easy guide to dolphin interaction programmes at Dolphin Island

Dolphin interaction programmes at Dolphin Island are a great opportunity to learn about the incredibly intelligent  dolphins.

Apart from discovering little known facts about their anatomies, habitats, diets, and migration patterns, you will also get to interact with them in the water in almost all our programmes.

Dolphin Discovery Dolphin Island

For non-swimmers, many of our programmes are also designed with you in mind. As long as you are comfortable standing in waist-deep water, you can join us in the lagoon.

Dolphin Encounter

There are even programmes for those who do not wish to get wet but are interested to be part of the experience. Check out the table for a quick overview of what might best suit you:

Programme Dry experience In-water experience For swimmers For non-swimmers Swimming involved Min height 115cm
Dolphin Observer  ●   ●
Dolphin Encounter (NEW!)   ●   ●
Dolphin Discovery   ●   ●   ●   ●
Dolphin Adventure   ●   ●   ●   ●
Trainer for a Day   ●   ●   ●  ●(for those who wish to swim)   ●
Dolphin VIP   ●   ●   ●  ●(depends on selected activities )   ●

Here’s the best part: prices for all dolphin interaction programmes will be revised from 1 April 2015. Now, more people can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

New pricing for Dolphin Island interaction programmes (from 1 Apr 2015):

Programme Adult Child Senior
Dolphin Observer^ $58 $48 $48
Dolphin Encounter (NEW!) $68 $58 $58
Dolphin Discovery $98 $88 $88
Dolphin Adventure $128 $118 $118
Dolphin VIP $288 $278 $278
Trainer for a Day $398 $388 $388

^Exclusively reserved for guests with friends or family participating in Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Adventure.

Dolphin Interaction Programmes

Dolphin DIscovery

Dolphin Discovery

Come face-to-face with dolphins in this shallow water encounter.

Dolphin Adventure Dolphin Island

Dolphin Adventure

Get into deeper water for an action-packed dolphin encounter.

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

Get up-close with dolphins without getting into the water.

Dolphin Trainer Dolphin Island

Trainer for a Day

Meet dolphins up close and go on a behind-the-scene tour of our world-class facilities.
Dolphin Observer Dolphin Island

Dolphin Observer

Sit and relax at the lagoon side as you watch your family and friends interact with dolphins.

Dolphin VIP Dolphin Island

Dolphin VIP

Dolphin encounters custom-made to your preference for shallow or deep water interaction.

Check out these posts for details on dolphin interaction programmes at Dolphin Island:

For reservations, please call +65 6577 9988 or email reservations@rwsentosa.com


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