Dolphin Interaction Programmes


Dolphin Island offers a range of experiential programmes that allow you to interact with our Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and gain a deeper understanding of these intelligent mammals. Our marine mammal trainers and hosts will also share knowledge about dolphins, their habitats, diets, anatomies and migration patterns.


Programme Adult Child
4 – 12 yrs old
60 yrs old & up
Dolphin Observer ^ $58 $50 $50
Dolphin Encounter $73 $65 $65
Dolphin Discovery $128 $120 $120
Dolphin Adventure $168 $160 $160
Dolphin Trek $188 N.A. $180
Dolphin VIP $288 $280 $280
Dolphin Trainer for a Day $398 $390 $390


All Dolphin Island interaction programmes include:
▸ One-day pass to Adventure Cove Waterpark (unless otherwise stated)
▸ Complimentary use of Dolphin Island lockers, wetsuits and flotation devices (during interaction programme only)

Here on our blog, we will also share with you what we do behind the scenes to ensure our dolphins get the finest care they deserve – from world-class husbandry and veterinary care, to a dedicated team of marine mammal trainers who look after them round the clock.

Be sure to also read about our dolphin conservation effort: Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin Project

^ Reserved for guests with friends or family participating in Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Adventure.
Above prices and information may be subject to change. For the latest pricing details, please click here
Peak rates will be applicable for selected programmes and selected period