Amazing Maritime Board Game Challenge at Maritime Experiential Museum

Historical and archaeological records show that maritime trade routes have existed for centuries. Arabian, Persian, Indian, Ceylonese, Chinese and South-east Asian traders and seafarers have been traversing the East China Sea, South China Sea, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, trading a myriad of items from spices and exotic bird feathers to silk, precious metals and even horses.

But how did they go about trading with one another? What were some of the surprising things that were bought and sold? How did the sailors navigate the treacherous seas before the invention of sophisticated technology like GPS?

With pirates plying the same maritime routes, how did sailors deal with these plundering menace at sea?

Join us at the newly reopened Maritime Experiential Museum and try your hands at different games to see if you have what it takes to navigate the rough seas.

This is also a great opportunity to visit the refurbished Maritime Experiential Museum which features 15 new immersive galleries.

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