The Epic Voyage of Zheng He – exclusive storytelling session at Maritime Experiential Museum

Zheng He was a famous mariner, explorer, diplomat and fleet admiral during China’s Ming dynasty. He was born into a Muslim family and had always dreamed of travelling to faraway lands.

When Zheng He was ten, the Chinese Emperor sent soldiers to attack his home town in Yunnan. He was taken away from his family and sent to work at the palace. He worked hard and became the trusted servant to one of the Emperor’s sons, Prince Zhu Di. When the prince became Emperor Yongle, he made Zheng He the commander of a large fleet of ships.

Between 1405 – 1433, Zheng He went on seven voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and East Africa to befriend foreign nations and exchange treasures. During these voyages, he commanded over 200 ships and nearly 28,000 men. Some of his ships were even longer than a football field.

Come join us at the newly re-opened Maritime Experiential Museum for an exclusive storytelling session to learn more about Zheng He, one of the world’s greatest explorers:

  • His difficult childhood and his rise to fame and power
  • Countries he visited along the Maritime Silk Route
  • Types of treasures he brought back for the Chinese Emperor

This is also a great opportunity to visit the refurbished Maritime Experiential Museum which features 15 new immersive galleries.

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