Maritime Makers Workshop at Maritime Experiential Museum

Ancient Oman was renowned for its outstanding ship building expertise and the skills of its sailors whose maritime expertise laid the foundation for the country’s far-reaching commercial network.

For thousands of years, the sound of ship builders hammering wood has been drifting through Oman’s shipbuilding factories. The dhows that could sail across the Indian Ocean to China no longer play a role in Oman’s international trades. As such, seafaring and maritime trade are now just another chapter in Oman’s history.

Join us at the newly reopened Maritime Experiential Museum as we teach you to build your very own ship with paper craft, complete with a sail. While this ship cannot be compared to the colossal ones built in ancient Oman, it is still a head turner as it floats down rivers.

This is also a great opportunity to visit the refurbished Maritime Experiential Museum which features 15 new immersive galleries.

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