Fascinating fish facts

We may not live in the sea but the bounties found within it sustain us in many different ways.

For members of Singapore Polytechnic Scuba Diving club, fishes are important to the world today because they make economic, recreational and scientific sense. Here are excerpts from the original post on SP Marine Conservation.


Economic: A food source
Fishes are a good source of protein and omega 3 oil. Omega 3 oil is well known to be beneficial for our cardiovascular system. About 20% of the world’s population derives at least one-fifth of its animal protein intake from fish, and some small island states depend almost exclusively on fish. (Who.int, 2014)

Recreation: Fish keeping
Fish can be pets too! They can be alternative to people who are allergic to fur or other allergens. They are often being kept as pets as people are being captivated by its beauty or simple rearing them as a hobby.

Science: Ichthyology
Ichthyology is the study of fish from the branch of zoology. Fishes are important to people who study them. There are approximately 250 new species found each year! Its has played a big role in marine biology study.

Here’s a interesting parting thought from the writer:

“I fell in love with diving ever since my first dive trip I had with my school in Pulau Tioman Malaysia. Being underwater submerged in the silence, carefree and admiring the beautiful creatures that swim pass me. I almost felt like a fish myself.

When we surface after a dive, I was still in daze, dreaming about the serene seas ready to welcome me until my dive partner said ‘Whoa, during the dive, all I see was food!’. I was stunned.”

Read the original post at SP Marine Conservation.

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