Educators learnt about marine animals’ structural and behavioural adaptations at Feeding Frenzy educator preview

On 4 and 6 June 2018, S.E.A. Aquarium held the first educator preview of the year for its Feeding Frenzy educational programme. 30 educators from various local primary and secondary schools attended.

During the programme, our educational facilitators shared information on how the various structural and behavioural adaptations that our marine animals possess aid them in finding food.

At Shark Seas, educators learnt about the use of counter shading by sharks to avoid detection by their prey.
At the Hard Coral Habitat, our educational facilitator explained how coral polyps had tentacles armed with stinging cells to help capture small prey.
Feeding behaviour and cognitive ability of manta rays
One of the programme highlights was the chance to witness the Manta Rays’ morning feeding session.

In the intimate classroom setting of the Ocean Dome, educators got to touch and learn about the different jaw structures of certain rays and sharks, as well as how these structures determine what the animal eats.

Learning about the different types of microscopic feed given to some of our animals, including the Manta Ray.

After experiencing the programme, educators were treated to a tea break where members of our Education team were present to answer any questions.

Following that, Gavin Lee, Senior Manager of Education at S.E.A. Aquarium, provided an overview of the Feeding Frenzy programme. He also introduced our newly developed activity booklets that will accompany the Feeding Frenzy tour. The booklets come in 2 different levels – Primary and Secondary.

Jim Hudson, Senior Manager of Conservation at S.E.A. Aquarium, also gave a presentation on Guardians of the S.E.A.A., the conservation arm of the aquarium. He introduced the educators to the aims of the conservation group and shared about the different things done by the group.

At the end of the preview, educators were also given the opportunity to go on an exclusive backstage tour of Resorts World Theatre.

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