Feeding Frenzy: Educational Programme On The Feeding Habits Of Marine Life

Did you know that despite being one of the biggest fish in the ocean, Manta Rays actually feed on one of the tiniest organisms on the planet? Did you also know that the diet of an animal determines where it lives?

Learn more interesting feeding habits of marine animals at Feeding Frenzy! This specialised educational programme focuses on how marine animals hunt for food using distinctive structural and behavioural adaptations.

The programme is conducted before operating hours to allow students to enjoy a private and highly informative aquarium tour, to learn how some animals have adapted to feed efficiently.
An intimate classroom setting at the Ocean Dome where students learn about the dietary habits of different marine animals.
Hands-on engagement: students examining jaw models to figure out what these animals feed on.
Viewing samples of microscopic organisms. They form part of the diet of some of the marine animals in the aquarium.
Behind-the-scenes at the food preparation room. Students get to view samples of the different feed fed to our marine inhabitants.

Observing the morning Manta Feeding session on top of the Open Ocean Habitat.

For better information retention, activity booklets have been developed to complement the tour. There are 2 levels available – primary and secondary.

Feeding Frenzy

Target group: Upper primary and secondary school students
Duration: 120min (Upper primary) or 150min (Secondary)
Group size: 20 – 200

Pre-register for special rates
School groups are required to pre-register to enjoy special rates, applicable with a minimum of 20 students. Please make your reservation at least 1 month in advance. With every 10 paying students, 1 accompanying teacher enjoys complimentary admission.

For reservations and enquiries, email education@rwsentosa.com

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