Abundant fun at first Gong Sea Fa Cai Ocean Dreams sleepover

On 23 February, 10 families participated in our first ever Lunar New Year themed aquarium sleepover – Gong Sea Fa Cai Ocean Dreams. While the families spent the night together bonding and celebrating in the company of marine animals, some special visitors dropped in for a surprise visit.

They were first welcomed by the God of Fortune, who generously gave out chocolate coins as a form of blessing.
Lyn, the Sea Goddess, got the evening programme started by explaining some house rules before sending the participants off on a fortune trail around the aquarium.
The kids visited 3 fortune stations on the Fortune Trail where they learned many interesting facts about our marine animals, such as the seadragon.
They also picked up conservation messages such as do not eat sharks fin, and to reduce plastic usage.

Upon completing the fortune trail and receiving a red packet as their gift, participants headed back to the Open Ocean Habitat where Lyn, the Sea Goddess, shared stories of her beloved ocean. One of the stories was about the Atlantic Goliath Grouper, which can be found in the S.E.A. Aquarium.

After the story telling, both Lyn and the God of Fortune bade the participants farewell who then got ready to turn in for the night.

The next morning, participants were greeted by our divers in a very unique way before heading to the Bay Restaurant for a special Chinese New Year breakfast.

After a sumptuous breakfast, they proceeded to a Behind-the-Scenes tour of the top of the Open Ocean Habitat. The programme ended with a Manta Moments special, where the participants got to witness our divers interacting closely with the Manta Rays in front of the Open Ocean Habitat panel.

Check out the reviews by two bloggers who joined us at Gong Sea Fa Cai Ocean Dreams with their families. Not only did they detail their experience, they even shared lots of useful tips for those planning to join us at upcoming Ocean Dreams:

Image credit: SuperMommy

Overall our whole family had a blast. I definitely recommend doing this at least once when your kids are young.

——-— SuperMommy

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Image credit: OPW Media

It is an experience that we will not forget!

——-— Our Parenting World

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If you’d like to experience Ocean Dreams with your loved ones, stay tuned to our blog for details of upcoming sessions.

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