I ship it! Historic Ship Harbour at RWS

Welcome to Historic Ship Harbour

Here’s a secret. Hidden in plain sight in Resorts World Sentosa are five full-sized replicas of historic ships. They can be found moored along the Marine March, which is next to the Maritime Experiential Museum and near the Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW) entrance.

Historic Ship Harbour at RWS

In our collection are a Javanese Jong, an Indonesian Borobudur, an Amoy Junk, an Indian Dhow and closer to S.E.A. Aquarium entrance, a Chinese Fuchuan Junk. These ships are not just for show as we have plans to open them to the public for tours.

Javanese Jong at RWS History Ship Harbour
Javanese Jong
Indonesian Borbobudur at RWS History Ship Harbour
Indonesian Borobudur
Amoy Junk at RWS Historic Ship Harbour
Amoy Junk
Indian Dhow at RWS Historic Ship Harbour
Indian Dhow
Chinese Fuchuan Junk at RWS Historic Ship Harbour
Chinese Fuchuan Junk

Taking care of the historic ships

The ships are taken care of by the dive team. As divers, we love to be on and around boats and being able to look after and restore them is really exciting because being on a boat gives you a sense of connection with the sea creatures that lie beneath the surface and the past generations who have sailed on it!.

Currently, we do regular checks for the five Historic Ships. Part of the daily maintenance checks include

  • ensuring that the ships are structurally sound
  • checking mooring ropes and fenders

We are also involved in adjustments such as replacing the fender ropes and everything else to maintain safe conditions of the ship.

Over time the ships will be refurbished and they will be open to the public so that you too can share in these floating pieces of history!

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

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