In Memory of Wen Wen

Resorts World Sentosa is extremely saddened by the passing of our dolphin, Wen Wen.

Wen Wen survived a shark attack in the wild, and had the scars to prove it.  Despite this, he remained sociable. He especially enjoyed contact time, and always loved a good rub by his trainer. Wen Wen had been with the family for four years and will be dearly missed.  

Wen Wen, a male dolphin estimated to be ten years old, died suddenly less than an hour into landing during the three-hour flight.  Two marine mammal veterinarians and eight marine mammal specialists accompanying and monitoring the 11 dolphins on the flight responded with emergency medical treatment.

As is standard and required protocol, all of our 25 animals were given thorough medical examinations, including full hematology and chemistry profiles as well as cytology and body examinations and were deemed healthy prior to the move.  No medical results or behavioural observations indicated that Wen Wen was in a compromised condition to make the journey.  Preparations for the move started several months ago and included continual health assessments of the animals, simulations and related groundwork.  International Air Transportation Association (IATA) standards and protocols were strictly observed and enforced during the planning and implementation of our marine mammal transport.

The Marine Life Park’s four veterinarians have a combined experience of successfully transporting more than 500 marine mammals. The same veterinary team, with a collective experience with marine mammals of over 70 years, as well as the team of marine mammal specialists on the flight, successfully completed our dolphins’ transport to Subic Bay and the recent transport of our 14 dolphins to Singapore.

A necropsy was performed this morning in the presence of AVA officers.  Over the next few weeks, further laboratory tests will be conducted in Singapore and the United States to assess any contributing factors.

The other members of our bottlenose dolphin family are currently acclimatizing to their new home at Marine Life Park as we continue to monitor them and observe their quarantine period.  No effort or resources will be spared in ensuring the health and well-being of our dolphins and all marine animals at Marine Life Park.

Wen Wen was a sociable dolphin that survived a shark attack in the wild and had the scars of a shark bite on his torso.   Wen Wen and his trainer had developed a strong bond during their four years together.  He will be sorely missed.


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