Love ain’t in the air, it’s in the waters

MLP wedding proposal
You can’t miss a banner as big as this.

Here’s a piece of advice to all single men out there: Screwing up your wedding proposal can be the worst mistake of your life. That’s probably why our hero Kok Kheong decided to put much effort into proposing to his fiancé, Miki.

You’ve gotta get on your knees for her to say yes.

Getting her to say yes at the neighbourhood park? Kinda cliché, don’t you think? What about the beach where you two first met? Come on, you’ve got more originality than that. How about presenting her a wedding ring at the world’s largest oceanarium? Now, that’s some class.

And the answer is yes!

And that’s what exactly what Kok Kheong did. Picture this – hundreds of guests and thousands of marine animals witnessing his proposal to Miki at S.E.A. Aquarium’s Open Ocean Gallery. How can the girl say no?

See how MarineLifePark hosted its first wedding proposal for Kok Kheong and Miki here:

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