Mai’s Underwater Journey: new educational programme for pre-schoolers

Stories are a great way to engage the brain, especially for young learners. Children love stories because they believe they can also live those amazing experiences.

This is why Mai’s Underwater Journey, our new educational pre-school programme, leverages on a story-based learning approach to help pre-schoolers learn about the marine world and conservation. In this 60-90 min programme, the children will go on a guided tour of S.E.A. Aquarium where they will visit different Learning Stations to pick up a range of interesting knowledge from Dolphins and Sea Jellies to Coral bleaching and Shark finning.

Gong Sea Fa Cai 2017

Marine Youth Ambassador
The children will embark on an interactive story-based learning experience filled with lovable characters, and even a rhyme and dance.
At the Live Coral Habitat, children will learn interesting facts such as Corals are actually alive and that they undergo bleaching when the ocean is polluted.
The children will also learn about marine conservation such as why Shark finning is detrimental to the marine eco-system.
At the Guardians of the S.E.A.A. booth, the children will learn about how everyone can play an active role in protecting the ocean.

At the end of the session, all participants will get to bring home a craft booklet of Mai and her underwater friends.

Mai’s Underwater Journey

Target group: Pre-schoolers
Duration: 60min (N1/N2) or 90min (K1/K2)
Group size: 20 – 200

Pre-register for special rates

School groups are required to pre-register to enjoy special rates, applicable with a minimum of 20 students. Please make your reservation at least 1 month in advance. With every 10 paying students, 1 accompanying teacher enjoys complimentary admission.

For reservations and enquiries, email

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