Marine Explorers, let’s go on an adventure!

For most of us, marine life was nothing more than colourful pictures in storybooks and encyclopedias when we were young. Imagine how excited children would be if they could actually come in close contact with marine life?

The Education & Conservation Team at the Marine Life Park has developed two presentations based on real-life marine adventures aroundSingapore. One allows students to learn more about the marine life at Pulau Semakau, while the other sheds light on the little-known secrets of the horseshoe crab.

Both presentations will introduce student ‘Marine Explorers’ to marine animals that are found in our very own backyard, with conservation messages such as keeping the marine environment litter-free and respecting animals and plants in nature. What’s particularly exciting is how the ‘Marine Explorers’ get to learn by directly interacting with live animals.

Every conservation effort by the ‘Marine Explorers’, no matter how small, can go a long way in making a big difference to our planet.

Hear what a ‘Marine Explorer’ has to say about her first-time experience with marine life. View the video:

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