Marine Life Park- Open Letter

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers – wherever you are,

The first thing we would like to say to you is: We love animals too.

The Marine Life Park (MLP) in Singapore will soon be home to 100,000 marine animals in one of the largest oceanariums in the world.  Their well-being, health and welfare are in our hands.  It is a huge responsibility, and one that we take very seriously.  It is a responsibility that not only comes with the job, but from a deep and personal conviction that all species of animals must be treated with utmost respect and dignity.  And we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals which include highly respected veterinarians and experts from various fields in marine husbandry, who are deeply committed to provide the very best care for our dolphins through husbandry, diet, behavioural enrichment and veterinary care.

Like you, we are outraged when we hear of abuse and ill-treatment of animals.

So we want to assure you that our dolphins are thriving under the care of our MLP team.

There is the point of view that animals born in the wild should not be kept in zoological facilities, that they should roam free.  But at the same time, there is also a view of many animal experts and millions of people who support zoos and aquariums that zoological facilities can provide inspiration to those living in urban communities.

Zoos and oceanariums play an important role in giving people the opportunity to come up close with different species of the animal kingdom.  Without this access, could our children grow up with any real awareness, understanding or appreciation of the animal species that share this planet with us?  Is watching documentaries or reading about them enough to create empathy and conservation action?

Rest assured, our dolphins will exercise and play to their heart’s content, and will never be forced to do what does not come naturally to them.  Dolphins by nature love people, and people have come to love dolphins.  Our caregivers love the dolphins and devote a lot of time caring for them, ensuring that they are active and socialize with each other, stay healthy, constantly engaged and bond well.

Our dolphins will soon call Singapore home.  Please welcome them.

The Marine Life Park Team

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