Maritime Discovery Tour: educational programme to help students appreciate maritime history

Many students view history as a very dry subject. But with the right content in the right context, history can be fascinating and engaging. This is exactly how our new Maritime Discovery Tour educational programme for school groups is designed – to make maritime history captivating for students.

After an extensive 9-month overhaul, the Maritime Experiential Museum is the perfect venue for students to learn about the historical importance of the Maritime Silk Route, and its role in Singapore’s economic success.

During this 60-min guided tour, students will:

  • Trace the different routes taken by 4 famous explorers (Zheng He, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta & Sang Nila Utama)
  • Pick up some much needed skills to navigate the high seas (e.g. knot tying, navigation)
  • Uncover key historical maritime inventions (e.g. watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks)
  • Explore important ports along the Maritime Silk Route and learn about their distinctive features
Journey in the tailwinds of great explorers Zheng He, Marco Polo, Sang Nila Utama and Ibn Battuta.
Discover ancient navigation tools such as this Astrolabe. Invented around 150BCE in Greece, it was used to measure time, the movement of stars, geographical locations and vertical angles.
Learn how to tie basic maritime knots such as this running bowline. It forms a secure loop that will not jam and is easy to tie and untie.
Developed in South China’s Fujian Province, the watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks permits the construction of ocean-going vessels with watertight compartments. If one or two cabins are accidentally damaged at sea, seawater will not flood the other cabins, allowing the vessel to stay afloat.
A replica tea house at the port of Quanzhou. Tea was one of the most common items traded along the Silk Road out of China and into other countries and continents. From around the 17th till 18th century, China was the largest tea provider in the world.
A look at Singapore’s maritime past and present.

This educational programme is also suitable for the educator’s Learning Journey.

Maritime Discovery Tour

Target group: primary and secondary school students
Duration: 60min
Group size: 20 – 200

Pre-register for special rates

School groups are required to pre-register to enjoy special rates, applicable with a minimum of 20 students. Please make your reservation at least 1 month in advance. With every 10 paying students, 1 accompanying teacher enjoys complimentary admission.

For reservations and enquiries, call +65 6577 7515 or email

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