The Maritime Experiential Museum co-creates Educators Guide with Preschool Market

The Maritime Experiential Museum offers a series of immersive learning programmes for school groups.

These engaging programmes are designed to effectively help students gain a better appreciation of social, historical and cultural issues that they are inquiring into from an authentic Field-based Learning experience at the museum.

Recently added to this list of educational programmes are Captains of the Sea and Museum Treasure Hunters, specially created for preschoolers.

Through these interactive programmes, students will pick up basic navigation skills like a sailor in training, learn to read nautical charts, navigate with a mariner’s compass, study the art of knot tying and even go on a ‘treasure hunt’ at the museum.

To maximise the students’ learning experience, The Maritime Experiential Museum collaborated with Preschool Market to develop an Educators Guide.

This guide includes comprehensive pre- and post-visit activity suggestions and classroom learning resources such as topics for circle time discussions, recommended readings, craft ideas and picture card templates.

Specifically created to accompany both programmes, these resources can help educators better prepare their students for the visit, as well as enhance understanding and knowledge retention after the trip.

Download a copy ==> Educators Guide for Captains of the Sea and Museum Treasure Hunters

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