Maritime Makers Workshop: Create your own Chinese junk

Junk is a type of ancient Chinese sailing ship that has been in use since the 2nd century AD. It is high-sterned with a projecting bow, and can carry up to five masts, with sails made of linen panels or matting flattened by bamboo strips. The hull is partitioned by solid bulkheads running both transversely and longitudinally to add strength.

This Lunar New Year, join us at the newly reopened Maritime Experiential Museum to learn about this ancient sailing ship as we teach you to build a Chinese junk with paper craft, complete with a sail.

This is also a great opportunity to visit the refurbished Maritime Experiential Museum which features 15 new immersive galleries.

Maritime Makers Workshop

Date: 16 – 18 February 2018
Time: 2pm – 4pm daily
Location: Maritime Experiential Museum, Port of Oman

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