New educational programmes for preschoolers at Maritime Experiential Museum

Maritime Experiential Museum recently introduced two new educational programmes for preschoolers: Museum Treasure Hunters and Captains of the Sea.

Museum Treasure Hunters

Embark on this interactive learning adventure where students will hunt for ‘treasures’ at different ports of call. They will learn more about ancient trade, as well as pick up survival skills on the high seas.

Uncover the history of coins and barter trade.
How do you secure a ship when you dock it? Learn how to tie basic maritime knots such as this running bowline which forms a secure loop that will not jam and is easy to untie.

Captains of the Sea

Sails up, it’s time to transform into captains of the sea! Students will learn about different parts of a ship and how to use tools such as the compass and maritime knots through hands-on activities. With these skills in hand, they will ‘sail off’ to the different Ports of Call and explore the different goods each port of call has to offer.

Where’s the rudder of the ship? What does the mast do?
A multi-sensorial learning experience: students will get to smell commonly traded herbs and spices such as ginger, peppercorn and cinnamon.

To help set the scene for both programmes, students will also be taught a catchy song-and-dance called Sail Our Ship (sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat).

Museum Treasure Hunters
Target group: K1 – K2
Duration: 90 minutes
Group size: 20 – 200

Captains of the Sea
Target group: PG – N2
Duration: 60 minutes
Group size: 20 – 200

To maximise the students’ learning experience, please refer to this Educators Guide which includes pre- and post-visit activity suggestions.

Pre-register for special rates

School groups are required to pre-register to enjoy special rates, applicable with a minimum of 20 students. Please make your reservation at least 1 month in advance. With every 10 paying students, 1 accompanying teacher enjoys complimentary admission. For reservations and enquiries, email

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