Mollen, Nim and Sail: an ebook by students of Rivervale Primary School

As part of their curriculum, five students from Rivervale Primary School came together to work on a school project – a marine conservation themed ebook titled ‘Mollen, Nim and Sail’.

The project was inspired by the discovery of Clownfish being listed in the Red List of threatened sea animals, and the need to educate fellow schoolmates on the importance of marine conservation.

Rivervale primary ebook

This is their story:

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My lover stands on golden sands
And watches the ships that go sailing …

As the theme song of the movie “Finding Nemo” fills the air, images of cute Nemo flash back to our minds. Unfortunately, after the release of “Finding Nemo” in 2003, Clownfish habitats are threatened by climate change and profit-oriented humans. This urgent need incites us to educate Riverlites on marine conservation and correct the misconception of rearing Nemo as pets.

We reached out to fellow Riverlites through self-created online games and ebook to impede the declining population of these fish. It is only with a strong sense of environmental responsibility can we save the Earth. Every genuine effort, big or small, counts. We hereby present our ebook Mollen, Nim and Sail.

Rivervale primary ebook
Our young authors and illustrators from Rivervale Primary School. From left: Gaius Teng (4 Respect’2016), Ho Bin Hui (4 Respect’2016), Koh Huai Zhi (4 Respect’2016), Seth Chia (4 Respect’2016) and Clariss Ong (4 Resilience’2016)

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