New babies on the block

I'm a mum!
I’m a mum!

Great news comes in twos. The S.E.A. Aquarium added two new additions to the 80,ooo strong marine family: a pair of  healthy blue-spotted Stingrays were born on May 16.

We've got twins!
We’ve got twins!

This was not stingray mama’s first pregnancy.  She had successfully given birth last year to a healthy male pup (yes, that is what we call baby stingrays).  She was suspected to be pregnant again because her back was bulging.

Can you see the baby pups?
Can you see the baby pups?

Just like pre-natal check-ups for humans, the veterinarian performed ultrasound scanning and physical examination on her. To the team’s delight, there were two tiny stingrays moving inside her womb.

Here's a clearer view.
Here’s a clearer view.

Blue-spotted stingrays have a gestation period (the time needed for the foetus to develop) that ranges between four to five months and they usually deliver one to two pups.  The two newborns were about eight to ten centimeters in diameter at birth.

All of them are currently being closely monitored by us and are looking good and feeding well; If you are interested to meet these lovely babies, you can see them at the Discovery Touch Pool at the S.E.A. Aquarium.

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