Review of Ocean Dreams at S.E.A. Aquarium [Guest writer]

Ocean Dreams will happen from 28 to 29 April 2016.

Have you ever wished that you could sleep with a view of schools of fishes and graceful manta rays? Miranda did just that when she joined the Ocean Dreams at S.E.A. Aquarium with her boyfriend, Loof. ocean dream badges For those who are curious about the experience, Miranda blogged about her Ocean Dreams stay over at S.E.A. Aquarium on her blog. Here’s an edited excerpt of the blog post:

We were originally planning to go to Bintan for a short getaway but plans failed and Loof suggested we go for the S.E.A. Aquarium’s Ocean Dreams stayover. 

The event is held only a few times in a year so it’s not an everyday thing. Also, meals, snacks, sleeping bags and blankets are provided! I highly recommend you to go! 😀

Pretty cool experience at the S.E.A. Aquarium since the both of us haven’t been there before.

After dinner, they brought us 360º Typhoon Theatre where we got to watch a short film and experience a “storm”. The chairs were shaking and mist was everywhere. Pretty cool.

Right after that, they brought us to the best part, touring around the aquarium! I was so excited.

Exploring S.E.A. Aquarium at night

That’s Loof holding the mermaid’s purse, also known as the pods the baby sharks are in.

baby sharks

I learned a load of things during the event there, heh. The guide for our group happened to be the same age as me and she’s so informative on all the animals there. Apparently S.E.A. Aquarium doesn’t have any sea turtles (I wanted to see one) but they have 3 manta rays!

Other animals like the eagle ray and cownose ray were interesting because I’ve never seen any of them before. There’s something about the way the manta rays look when swimming, they all look so majestic like some sort of legendary Pokemon.

After the tour around the aquarium, every group assembled in the room where they handed out sleeping bags and blankets before bringing us back to the area where the huge tank is at. Loof and I picked a spot and rolled everything out.

ocean dreams manta ray

Day 2 (7th July)

Morning call was at 7:30am but I got up at 6am for no reason. I couldn’t sleep very well because the sleeping bags weren’t that comfy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up because I still can’t believe that I actually get to wake up to this. I sat there for a long time watching the fishes and rays swim by whilst the fool was snoring beside me. I went to wash up at 7 before attempting to wake him up.

There was another surprise for us when we went back to the big tank area, there were 2 divers with a banner! Everyone took turns to take pictures. 😀

good morning ocean dreamers

Ended the tour with a little feeding frenzy, where we fed some small fishes and we got a chance to go to the very top of the big tank to view the animals. (It was an exclusive thing so pictures and video filming were not allowed) Pretty cool though!

We had breakfast afterwards before we came to the end of the 2 day 1 night stayover.

I tried to include all that I can remember because I was hoping this would be informative to you, if you ever plan to go for this event.

Check out Miranda’s blog post where she has more amazing photos from her Ocean Dreams stay over.

S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Dreams

Price Adult
(13 – 59 years old)
Child (6 – 12 years old)
Senior (60 years old & above)
Family Package
(2 Adults + 2 Children)
Non-members S$158 S$138 S$548
Members* S$138 S$118 S$468

Find out more information about Ocean Dreams on the RWS website.

Ocean Dreams

Date: 28 to 29 April 2016
Time: 7pm – 10am (Following Day)
Reservation Period: Reservations must be confirmed two weeks prior to scheduled event.
Reservations: Call +65 6577 7515 or
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