Our Instagram Picks: January

Capturing those special moments with your smart phone – that’s taking photography to a whole new level. A while ago, we asked you to tag your Instagram photos with #marinelifepark. We have combed the web and selected our favourite five for January. Each of the below Instagram user will receive an exclusive Marine Life Park lanyard and notebook.

(Marine) Life Through the Looking Glass


A new perspective on life in the S.E.A. Aquarium – that’s why we like @tashalmighty’s photo. And there’s something about a circle in the middle of a square that makes the framing classy.

Crabby Times call for Crabby Measures


@candicechew’s picture of the Japanese spider crabs made us realise that there’s a surrealistic beauty to these marine animals. How they balance on their slender legs adds a touch of grace to these largest crustaceans in the world.

What’s that flying above me?


If there’s anything we love about manta rays, it’s how @nebolas captured its magnificence. You’ve got to love those giant “wings” which flap elegantly in the waters. 

A child’s eyes


If you don’t go “aww” after seeing @twinstars78’s photo, you are a certified Scrooge. We aren’t sure who this adorable little girl is, but we sure know she’s awed by what she sees in the world’s largest oceanarium.

Please say yes


Haven’t you heard how our hero Kok Kheong proposed to Miki at the Open Ocean Habitat, whilst having hundreds of guests cheering him on? The unforgettable moment was captured by @immaleen, who may just be hoping that her Prince Charming will propose to her the same way.

We are loving what we see so far, so keep those Instagram photos coming! Remember to tag your pictures with #marinelifepark, and check out the “Through the Lens” sidebar on the blog’s home page.

Also, follow us on Instagram (@rwsentosa) for the latest pictorial updates around the resort!



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