Marine Life Park Dolphins Complete Quarantine

Marine Life Park is pleased to announce today that our 24 Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins have received the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)’s approval to be released from quarantine. Our dolphins are healthy and have adjusted well to their new home through the diligent care of our marine mammal staff and veterinary professionals.

Marine Mammal Specialists interacting and bonding with the dolphins.
Marine Mammal Specialists interacting and bonding with the dolphins.

We look forward to letting the dolphins meet the public in the very near future through progressive stages of introduction.

Separately, laboratory tests conducted in Singapore and the United States have just recently concluded for Wen Wen. The final pathology report indicates that Wen Wen had succumbed to an acute bacterial infection. There was however, no evidence on the origins of the infection. Medical examinations prior to the transport, including full hematology and chemistry profiles as well as cytology and body examinations, indicated that all animals were healthy prior to the move. Based on the close observation and medical status of our dolphins, and the successful completion of the quarantine assessment, we believe the infection was an isolated incident.

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