Resorts World Sentosa welcomes our dolphins

One of the dolphins making waves at the world’s largest oceanarium.

Today, we welcome our bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) to Marine Life Park. Our dolphins arrived safely from the Philippines under the professional care and supervision of our experienced team of veterinarians and marine mammal specialists. As the animals acclimate to their new home, they will remain under a restricted quarantine period.

We look forward to introducing our dolphins to our Singaporean community and international guests through observation, educational and interactive opportunities. Alongside all our marine species, they will play an integral role in our mission to better understand and create greater awareness of the complex marine eco-system that supports a diverse and beautiful world of marine life.

These four dolphins are undergoing acclimatisation in their new residence at Marine Life Park.

Marine Life Park has an experienced team of animal experts who collectively represent over 700 years of experience working in more than 60 reputable zoological facilities around the world. With a mission to promote marine education, conservation and research, the Marine Life Park offers a memorable experience created to inspire a generation of stewards of the environment.

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