RWS Takes A Step Forward To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Last year, RWS launched the “No Straws – Save Marine Life” campaign, whereby plastic straws were removed from its five themed attractions and dining establishments such as celebrity chef restaurants and Malaysian Food Street. This move will eliminate more than THREE MILLION straws a year!

This year, RWS continues the fight against single-use plastic waste, and will be eradicating all single-use plastic bottles from our themed attractions, hotels, dining establishments and MICE events.

The eco-friendly alternatives that RWS has come up with are aplenty – these include boxed alkaline water, aluminum canned drinks, refillable glass carafes in hotel rooms and water stations on every floor, fruit-infused water at MICE events, and more!

This move of ours will reduce the usage of more than 6.7 million plastic bottles a year!

Amongst the 8 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in our oceans, single-use plastic bottles are said to be the third most common culprit of ocean debris, representing about 15% of our total marine waste. [1]

A used plastic bottle typically ends its life cycle in the ocean, where they become a part of marine food chains – how so? After enduring the tossing and turning of the ocean currents over many years, the non-biodegradable plastic bottle eventually breaks down into small microplastic pieces (plastic pieces which are smaller than 5mm in diameter). What happens next is fairly easy to understand; these tiny pieces are eaten by tiny fish, followed by big fish, and followed by, us.

What are you waiting for? Join us to beat plastic pollution and refuse single-use plastics. It’s as simple as saying ‘No’! Remember, Healthy Ocean, Healthy Us.


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