S.E.A. Aquarium, Dolphin Island highlights: 2015

What happened in S.E.A. Aquarium and Dolphin Island in 2015? Let’s dive back and take a quick look.

Themed programmes at S.E.A. Aquarium.

The Aquarium regularly switches up themed programmes every few months so there’s something different when you come visit. Did you catch this year’s TeREEFic World (which coincided with Chinese New Year), Blue Planet, Sea Monsters, Spooky Seas and Merry Fishmas?

seaa 2015 themes

New dolphin calf at Dolphin Island

On 4 April, we announced the birth of dolphin calf Isabelle (which was born earlier in Dec 2014). Isabelle is an independent, playful and curious dolphin calf.

isabelle calf

Coral spawning project with Horniman Museum

On 9 April, we announced the coral spawning study we’re conducting with Horniman Museumin Forest Hill. We’re trying to see if we can reproduce captive corals simultaneously in South London and Singapore.

coral-spwaning horniman

Irrawaddy Dolphin population survey

From 28 April to 2 May, our Animal Health team went to Thailand’s Songkhla Lake for theSave The Irrawaddy Dolphin Project. Counting the Irrawaddy dolphin numbers was the first step in coming up with a plan to improve their declining population numbers.


Largest litter of new-born Black blotched fantail ray at SEAA

In May, our Black blotched fantail ray gave birth to seven Black blotched fantail rays– the largest litter to date at our Aquarium. This is good news since Black blotched fantail rays are at high risk of becoming endangered in the wild.

black-blotched-fantail rays

World Ocean’s Day Symposium

On 6 June, the Aquarium held its first World Ocean’s Day Symposium where students attended sessions discussing international perspectives on caring for our oceans, current and future efforts and how they can be done through sustainable practices. We also had our Coastal Cleanup on the same day.

world oceans day symposium

Living Fossils Exhibit

A living fossil is an organism that has retained the same form over millions of years and has few or no living relatives. The Living Fossils exhibit allows guests an up-close look at these “survivors” from the prehistoric age.

living fossils

Recycling Art Competition

The Resorts World Sentosa launched our first nationwide Recycling Art Competition with the theme Preserving Nature’s Own Home. Students built sculptures with recyclable materials, and the top entries were displayed outside the S.E.A. Aquarium.

recycling art competition

Updates from Manta tagging project with Conservation International

On 28 October, the team shared their findings from the Manta tagging project with Conservation International: discovery of the first known manta ray nursery in Southeast Asia and a detailed manta ray migration route.

manta-ray seaa

That’s it from us. Do you have other S.E.A. Aquarium-related news you’re bursting to share? Let us know!


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