Let’s go on a Shark Adventure Trail at S.E.A. Aquarium

For the month of August, S.E.A. Aquarium is celebrating the often-misunderstood shark with month-long activities to educate and raise awareness about sharks and to dispel any misconceptions of the species.

One of these activities is the Shark Adventure Trail. It’s designed to teach kids more about sharks in a fun and interactive way, but adults are welcome to join in the fun.

Complete the six activities marked on the Shark Adventure Trail adventure map and you’ll get a surprise gift. Spoiler alert, you can see the gift at the end of this post.

This is what the Shark Adventure Trail adventure map looks like:

Shark Adventure Trail map

Let’s check out the different stations:

Shark Adventure Trail Station 1: Shark Reproduction

Learn about the three methods of shark reproduction and which shark uses which method.

Shark egg cases

There are also empty egg cases from a variety of Bamboo Shark species. The egg cases, which are also called “mermaid’s purse”, have been dried and are very fragile. Please handle with care.

Shark Adventure Trail Station 2: Shark feeding

Shark Adventure Trail shark feeding

Learn about the different types of shark teeth and how sharks with different diets have different types of teeth. You’ll also get to see shark jaws at this station.

Station 2 is right next to Station 1 so you can get two stamps at one go.

Shark Adventure Trail Station 3: Zebra Shark

Two puzzle of the Zebra Shark

Currently the spot is located at the entrance of Ocean Dome. At this station, you need to assemble two puzzles about the Zebra Shark.

shark adventure trail zebra shark

This shark has stripes like a zebra when it’s young. But when it grows up, it has spots. That’s pretty amazing.

Shark Adventure Trail Station 4: Shark Senses

Shark Adventure Trail Station 4: Shark Senses

Connect the dots to reveal the Hammerhead Shark and learn about their sixth sense.

Shark Adventure Trail Station 5: Shark Anatomy

Shark Adventure Trail Station 5: Shark Anatomy

Learn about the different anatomy of a shark at this station.

Shark Adventure Trail Station 6: Shark Conservation

Take the shark fin pledge

Learn the importance of sharks in the ecosystem. Take the Wildaid Shark Savers’ “I am FINished with Fins” pledge at this station.

When you have collected all of the stamps, you’ll get one of the shark bookmarks below:

Shark Bookmark

You can bring your Shark Adventure Trail adventure map home once you’re done. Here’s a view of a completed adventure map:

Completed Shark Adventure Trail adventure map

Bonus: See real-life baby sharks in their egg cases


Bonus: Create your own Shark Fin

DIY shark fin

You can make your own Shark Fin at the Craft Station. The Shark Fin can be worn on the back of little kids and adults.

Finished FIn project

Hope you enjoy your Shark Adventure Trail at S.E.A. Aquarium. You can guest blog about your experience at S.E.A. Aquarium.

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