Small crowd, big impact


A cigarette butt might be small but when thousands are strewn all over beaches, they can cause an enormous impact on the environment.

Other than cigarette butts, marine animals might die from eating litter such as the mentioned plastic bags, bottles and fishing lines.

And it’s with the mission of saving the environment that led to the inception of the International Coastal Cleanup.

Now in its 22nd year, this activity brings environmentally conscious people all over the world together for one day where they will clean up the beaches in their country. In Singapore, it is organised by the National University of Singapore.

For instance, 26 volunteers from Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) hauled off some 180kg of rubbish off East Coast Park on 21 Sept. The volunteers spent the morning combing two stripes of beaches some 500m long.


It was the first time that the Resort opened the cleanup to colleagues from all business units. Only the team from Marine Life Park participated last year.


Although just a small handful, the volunteers hope to drive home the big message of preserving the environment.


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