Special(ist) Feature: It’s A Family Affair

Our marine mammal specialists currently at the Subic facility come from different backgrounds but are each similarly driven by their passion for marine mammals. With 259 years of experience across 36 facilities between them, there’s much to be unraveled about the team. Get to know them better – starting this week with Kenny Ng.

“It was my weekend home; I’d hang out there from the moment the gates opened, until they closed.”

As a child, Kenny would yearn for the weekends when quality father-son time was spent getting acquainted with the colourful animal kingdom at the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

Kenny’s dad is one of Singapore’s most experienced elephant trainers, having spent over 40 years caring for elephants at the Singapore Zoo.
His passion and care for animals inspired the young lad, whose adoration for the animal kingdom grew as he got older.

It wasn’t long before the young man decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. At 16, he learnt the ropes as a volunteer at the Zoo. When he turned 18, the choice was clear.

Kenny decided to devote his career to  caring for animals – from sea lions, chimpanzees to polar bears, and more.

Subsequently, a move to Underwater World Langkawi opened the world of marine mammals to him and there was no turning back. In retrospect, Kenny sheepishly confessed that in his six years of courtship, he probably spent more time with the animals under his charge than his girlfriend (now, wife of 2 years)!

“She understands that animals are a huge part of my life, and together with her, they will continue to be, for the rest of my life,” Kenny beamed.

Today, Kenny’s a part of our team of marine mammal specialists. Hailed as the resident joker, he’s always pulling pranks on fellow team members or cracking jokes for a good laugh. But that’s strictly off-duty hours. Once he shows up at work, he’s all business – prepping food, planning the duties of the day, not a sliver of playfulness is displayed.

Split personality? Not quite, the man just takes his job really seriously.

“Working with dolphins has been my lifelong dream and the diverse team of experts here has allowed me to enhance my skill-sets as well as be part of this project that has so much to offer – both personally and professionally. It’s been a real privilege and one that I should never take for granted ”

In a nutshell, Kenny’s day begins with preparing the dolphins’ daily diets under strict hygiene conditions. Following that, he will then go about checking their physical health, keeping meticulous records on their behavior and spending time enriching them through play, exercise and social interaction.

“As a marine mammal specialist, we need to show much enthusiasm and energy to keep them excited and interested.
Most importantly, we have to ensure that our animals are healthy and happy every day. The best part of this job is seeing the animals you care for thrive together as a family, everyday”.

Here’s more of what Kenny had to share:

“The biggest gratification is building and maintaining a solid relationship with the animals under my care. Providing for the dolphin’s health and happiness is more rewarding than anything else I could do for a living.”

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