Learn and play on the Spooky Seas trail

Bring the little ones down to S.E.A. Aquarium from 1 October to 15 November 2015 for our Spooky Seas programme. The Spooky Seas trail awaits!

Kids can learn about marine animals during the trick or treat trail while they collect treats at every station.


Grab the Spooky Seas adventure trail map from the pirate ship before the entrance to Shark Seas.

Follow the adventure trail map and collect four ingredients to receive a prize. If you encounter difficulties along the trail, we provide some hints below. Read on if you don’t mind SPOILERS. Here’s where you’ll be going on this journey.

spooky map 2

Along the way, skeletons will guide you to the right stops.

Spooky Seas S.E.A. Aquarium

Stop 1: Fishy Graveyard

First up, we visit the Fishy Graveyard. Here you will find the remains of aquatic animals, label them correctly and receive treats.

Spooky Seas Adventure Trail

Label this bone and the rest in your adventure trail map.

Stop 2: Mad Scientist’s Lab

Walk on and you’ll reach the Mad Scientist’s Lab. Here, you need to match the specimen to the correct marine animal to collect your ingredient.



Stop 3: Pumpkin Patch

At Ocean Dome, you will find the pumpkin patch. Kids can draw scary faces on pumpkin print-outs and create 3D pumpkin craft here.



Stop 4: Vampire’s Lair

At the Vampire’s Lair, you’ll learn about why some marine animals have different blood colour. Match the marine animal to the correct blood colour to pass this round.



Stop 5: Potion Parlour

You’re almost at the end of the journey! At the Potion Parlour, put your hand into the box to figure out the last four components of the recipe for the potion master!

At the end of your trail, get your final scroll from the potion master!



Follow Mr Skeleton on his S.E.A. Aquarium Spooky Seas adventure trail

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