The Life of the Aquarium

Life Support System team at Marine Life Park
The Marine Life Park’s Life Support System team has it all covered.

Behind the world’s largest oceanarium lies a small but dedicated team who keep it running 24/7. Meet the people from the Life Support System (LSS) team. They’ve been here since the early days to ensure the aquarium has systems in place to support all the marine animals. Under their attentive care, the water stays safe for more than 800 species of marine animals.

Life Support System Engineer Koh Liang Shuo shares more about this rewarding career.

Hi Liang Shuo, how big is the LSS team?

There are 42 of us from all over the world, including The Bahamas.

What is the job scope of the team?

We operate mechanical filters, foam fractionators, sand filters and other devices to remove unwanted particles. In the process, we increase fish health and decrease the load on the bio filters and oxygenators. Additionally, we employ cautionary disinfectant equipment like ozone and UV to remove organic carbon. This also improves the aquarium’s visual display. Basically, we create the environment for the marine animals to live in.

Can you tell us your daily routine?

Besides administrative duties like organizing workload, I work with the Water Quality department to ensure equipment is functioning to maintain water standards. I also inspect the site and check the displays.

So the system is a combination of both biology and engineering?

Mix and match those chemicals.

It’s a bio engineer system, not strictly a mechanical one. That’s why the team takes care of different areas. Jacqueline, one of our water systems specialists, treats incoming water with chemicals to keep our marine animals healthy and happy in their habitats.

Do not underestimate these circuit boards.

Cheong Liong is the head of electricians and he works with other colleagues specializing in fields such as electronics and hydraulics. Being the world’s largest aquarium, it is important that all equipment is configured to conform to design and operational load.

Technology in your hands.

Srinivasan is responsible for programming automation and control systems. Every day, programs have to be verified and physically checked to ensure that the life support system is running as per our department’s standard operating procedures.

What has been most memorable experience?

Seeing this project come to life. How often do you get to be part of the team behind the world’s largest aquarium?

What did you learn from this job?

We have so many nationalities here and everyone is an expert. It’s a team sport. There’s no best method but we take the best from everyone.

Mission: Keeping the fish healthy and safe.

What do you enjoy about the job?

To see the fish stay healthy. Plus it’s comforting to see so many people coming in to admire them.

And the not so good?

Fish feces and the daily inspection (laughs). It’s a big plant so it takes a lot of effort. There’s a lot of walking but at least it keeps me fit.

What qualities does a LSS engineer need?

Not afraid to get wet and dirty. Plus understanding and enjoying the intricacy of the dynamic interaction between biotic and abiotic factors of living systems.

Join the Marine Life Park team at the Resorts World Sentosa careers page.

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