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S.E.A. Aquarium

Opening hours:

10am – 7pm daily, subject to changes.

Ticket prices:

Adult Child 4 – 12 years old Senior Citizen 60 years old and above
General Admission
(One-Day Pass^)
S$32 S$22 S$22
Singapore Residents*
(One Day Pass^)
S$28 S$15 S$15
Typhoon Theatre Admission^ From S$3

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^Terms and Conditions

▸ S.E.A. Aquarium One-Day Pass does not include admission into Typhoon Theatre or Adventure Cove Waterpark.
▸ Typhoon Theatre (located within S.E.A. Aquarium) is NOT valid for admission to S.E.A. Aquarium, a separate admission ticket will be required.
▸ Each ticket is valid for one-day visit for a single guest, non-transferable & non-refundable, even in cases of inclement weather.
▸ Price is inclusive of all government taxes.
▸ Not to be used for promotional purposes unless approved in writing by Resorts World Sentosa.
▸ In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of our guests, team members and marine animals, Resorts World Sentosa will be conducting bag check on all personal and/or hand carry baggage. Guest are reminded that certain items which may be deemed dangerous or offensive will be prohibited from being brought into the aquarium.
Additional Terms & Conditions apply. Visit for more information.

Purchase your tickets online or at the ticketing booths outside the S.E.A. Aquarium.


Come and meet our team!

Ever wanted to know what it takes to look after more than 100,000 marine animals? How many teeth a dolphin have or how we feed our leafy seadragons? Then don’t miss our aquarist, diver and dolphin talks.

Our team will tell you more about what they do and let you in on behind-the-scenes information. Enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge on marine life, the team will be on hand to answer any of those questions you have been meaning to ask.


Marine Chatters (13.15 daily)

Immersed in our habitats for almost 5 hours per day, who best to teach you more about the life underwater? Come and learn the important role the dive team play in maintaining the habitats at S.E.A. Aquarium.


Dolphin Talks (Weekdays: 11.15, Weekends 11.15 and 14.15)

Ever wondered how many teeth a dolphin has? What they feed on or how they breathe? Come and learn more about these magnificent marine mammals in our Dolphin Talks.

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Feeding time at the Aquarium!

Watch as our aquarist team don their scuba gear and jump into our three deepest and largest habitats to feed a range of marine life.



Home to thousands, the Shipwreck habitat has a huge diversity of tropical marine fish. Watch as schools of fish whirl in around the aquarists and even the more timid of species come out to feed.


Open Ocean

Home to over 40,000 fish across 80 different species, the open ocean feed is action filled! Watch as our aquarist team descends 12 metres to feed a range of fish; from 2m wide stingrays, spiny shark rays and graceful spotted eagle rays.


Shark Seas

Surrounded by more than 100 sharks, our aquarists put on their chain mail suits and venture into Shark Seas for this feeding session. Descending to 9 metres depth they feed many of the bottom dwelling sharks including the inconspicuous Wobbegong sharks!


Coral Garden

Can you spot the fish with venomous spines? Which fish are born female but can later change to male? Our team will explain all of these fun facts as you watch the aquarists feed.


Sea Grass Meadows

Did you know that seadragons are fish? Or that the males of the species carry the young? Watch as our team feed these gracefully animals whilst explaining more of these fun facts.



Watch as the fast acting mullet dart in for their food, diamond fishes school together and large Barramundi wait steadily for large pieces of food to fall their way. Our team will be on hand to explain more about life on a Mangrove and how important they are as nursery grounds for many fishes.


Dolphin Island

Programme Adult Child Senior
Dolphin Observer ^ $58 $48 $48
Dolphin Encounter (NEW!) $68 $58 $58
Dolphin Discovery $98 $88 $88
Dolphin Adventure $128 $118 $118
Dolphin Trek $98 NA $88
Dolphin VIP $288 $278 $278
Trainer for a Day $398 $388 $388

^Exclusively reserved for guests with friends or family participating in Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Adventure and Dolphin Trek.


All Dolphin Island interaction programmes include:
– One-day pass to Adventure Cove Waterpark
– Complimentary use of Dolphin Island lockers, towels, wetsuits and flotation devices (During the interaction programme only)

Please do not bring food and drinks into Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Getting Here

Not sure how to get here, read our ‘How to get to S.E.A. Aquarium‘ post.

[Information updated 20 January 2016]