What are dolphins?

Discovering dolphins, passionate about dolphins.

Just like fish, dolphins have fins and tails. But did you know that dolphins are not fish? Dolphins are mammals, just like us. Human beings are warm-blooded. So are dolphins. We breathe air. So do dolphins. Our mommies give birth to, not eggs with shells, but live babies. So do mommy dolphins.

Taking a snapshot.

So there are many similarities between dolphins and humans. To further inform and excite you about dolphins, the Marine Life Park’s Education and Conservation team has put together info-panels which can be viewed and enjoyed at two venues: At the Maritime Experiential Museum and at the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Reaching out.

From learning about how many species of dolphins there are in the world, to knowing that our marine mammal specialist’s day starts at 4.30am, you will find these panels informative and interactive. Collectively, they will certainly enhance your visit to the Marine Life Park, where more than half a million visitors have been informed, educated and entertained.

Learning more about dolphins.

Our pursuit to provide our guests with a more enriching experience continues with videos on the special bonds that our marine mammal specialists share  with the dolphins in Adventure Cove Waterpark’s upcoming Dolphin Island.

Many have already benefited from learning more through these dolphin info-panels. Hear what some of our guests have to say about dolphins and Marine Life Park’s passion for these animals.

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